cropped-logo-only1Welcome to the Monroe Arts Society Website!  We hope to have more posted soon!  Unfortunately,  we have not been that active since Covid-19, however a few of us are continuing to display and learn more about our crafts.  Hopefully we will begin to do events by late summer for outdoors.  If you would like to keep up with what we are doing during these challenging times,  our facebook page is more active.   If you would like to become a member please membership form and join us today, but we suggest that if you want to become a member, wait until summer, when we will be more active.  If you paid dues in 2018 and 2019, your membership dues are still being held for future use when we can give lessons or participate fully in arts sales.   If you are not ready to become a member,  fill out our contact us form to get on our list only.

Special Thanks to Mitch Saler, Mary Sealfon, Marylyn Vanderpool, Sal Russo, Naomi Genen and Susan Roth for participating in the Christmas at Museum Village Event!  The Museum Village volunteers did a great job organizing the event, and the artists enjoyed being a part of it.  

Visit Our Members Websites:         Mary Sealfon           Marylyn Vanderpool

Sal Russo      Naomi Genen          Vincent Boucher               Amy Lambe Salino

Vincent Boucher   Mitchell Saler   Meryl Eubanks            John Michinko 

Catherine DeCesare

Upcoming Events:

Christmas at the Village, December 5-6 and December 12-13, from 11-6.  Museum Village invited us to display at a special event at Museum Village.  To find out more about this event. Please Visit the Museum Village Website at http://www.museumvillage.org/events.  The following artists will be displaying at this event: Marylyn Vanderpool, Mary Sealfon, Susan Roth, Sal Russo, Naomi Genen, and Mitchell Saler.  

 Founders Day Paintout and Exhibit in Monroe, NY September 15, 2019.  The Monroe Arts Society’s members will be exhibiting at the Founders Day Event in Monroe, NY.  In addition our Plein Air Artists will be demonstrating in the Park.  If you would like to be our guest for the day and join us for the Plein Air, please call Susan Roth at 845-893-0134.

Tuxedo Plein Air Paintout Artist Reception July 20th, 2019, at 2:00. On June 22nd from 9-12 we had a wonderful time at a paintout!  Artists who participated in the Paintout have a display at the Tuxedo Park Library, who will be hosting a reception on July 20th from 2-4.  For more information, please email susanrothaicp@gmail.com

Plein Air Workshop, Saturday July 20 and August 10, 17, and 24. 

The Monroe Arts Society will be conducting a Plein Air workshop on the following Saturdays: July 20th and August 10th, 17th and 24th, with the immediately following Sunday reserved for a rain dates. Demonstrations will begin at 9:00 am. The Plein Air instructors include Mary Mugele Sealfon, Marylyn Vanderpool and Mitchell Saler, who will be sharing their techniques with the class. All sessions will have unique presentations, designed to build your skill in Plein Air. Suitable for beginners and experienced painters. The workshops will begin at McGarrah’s Stagecoach Inn, and move around areas in or near Monroe, so that painters and students will have a variety of beautiful views to paint. The painting workshop will begin with a demonstration, then painting a scene that inspires you, then a critique of the paintings at the end of the session. You can bring your own supplies if you wish or if you want us to provide you with a set up each session you can pay a fee for a set up of Gamblin Oil paints. If you are bringing your own supplies, all mediums are welcome.  This is a paid workshop.  you can get tickets on Eventbrite, or by emailing Susanrothaicp@gmail.com

You can select a beginning date, but pay for multiple sessions with the ticket choices.

Informal Paintouts in Monroe

These sessions do not cost anything, but we often get together to paint on Sundays at Crane Park in the Village of Monroe.  We plan to be there (weather permitting) on every Second Sunday starting in July through November.  Come join us, and meet a few new friends.  This is not an organized event, you will be responsible for your own setup.   We are out there in the morning from 8:30 to 12:00.

Paint With Me.  If you have an interest in Plein Air (working on a painting outside) and are in Monroe,  Susan Roth will be willing to lend you a set up and stand beside you and help you paint a scene at Crane Park, just to get the feel for it.  All are welcome, but you have to be over 16 years of age.  If you are an artist using another media and would like to try oil painting,  that’s great, or if you are just interested and would like to learn to paint and want to try it out before you buy all the stuff, make an appointment!  It’s fun, and it teaches you how to appreciate the beauty around you.  Painting is a skill, all levels are welcome!  Only one appointment per person, and only 19 appointments will be given this year (I had a wonderful time with a new friend).  Please contact Susan Roth at susanrothaicp@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Past Events

Tuxedo Plein Air Paintout Artist Reception July 20th, 2019, at 2:00. On June 22nd from 9-12 we had a wonderful time at a paintout!  Artists who participated in the Paintout have a display at the Tuxedo Park Library, who will be hosting a reception on July 20th from 2-4.  For more information, please email susanrothaicp@gmail.com

The Monroe Arts Society wishes to Thank the Town of Monroe, the Village of Monroe for allowing us the space to do Plein Air Events this past fall, and for the help that member John Battiglia gave us as a liaison between the MAS  and the two municipalities for the planning and set up of the events.

December 15-16, 2018 from 10-3, artists reception from 10-12.  Monroe Arts Society Plein Air Arts Display, Monroe Village Hall, 7 Stage Road, Monroe, New York

Have you seen artists painting outside in and around Monroe, NY and wondered what our finished paintings look like?  Here’s your chance to see our paintings!

The Monroe Arts Society held several Plein Air paint outs in Monroe, but the two most notable ones were held at the Founder’s Day Event, at Crane Park in the Village of Monroe on September 15th and at the Community Day Event on October 20th near O&R Lake in the Town of Monroe. Several professional artists participated in Plein Air event in Monroe, including Shawn Dell Joyce, Mitchell Saler, Chrissy Spoor-Pahucki, Marylyn Vanderpool, Sal Russo, Minjin Kung, Naomi Genen, Mary Mugele-Sealfon, R.G. Peredo, Kat Parrella and Susan Roth. The art created at these events, along with other artworks will be displayed at the Monroe Village Hall on December 15th-and 16th from 10-4 with an opening reception on December 15th at 10 a.m. The art on display at this event will center on the beauty of Monroe, and the Plein Air that was created here, but other subjects will be on display as well. The public is invited to this event, and to experience the beauty of Monroe through the eyes of these artists. Art will also be for sale at this event. Our local artists enrich our communities and provide us with important reminders of the beauty of the places that we call home.

Community Day at O&R Park, October 20, 2018   We wish to thank the following artists for demonstrating in our paintout:

Mitchell Saler, RG Peredo, Naomi Genen, Marylyn Vanderpool, Susan Roth, Kat Parrella and Sal Russo.

It was a beautiful day, with lots of activities, and great food at the park.  It was definitely an experience that everyone enjoyed and we will hope to be there next year.

Founders Day Paintout, September 15, 2018.   We have 9 artists participating as demonstrators for this event.  They are:

Shawn Dell Joyce
Shawn Dell Joyce began her career as an artist’s apprentice in NY’s SoHo area in the 1980’s and worked in the studios of many prestigious artists. She began teaching a series of plein air painting classes in 2000 in the Hudson Valley. Her classes became so popular that she hired other artists, and founded the Wallkill River School of arts is located in Montgomery, NY. Learn more about Shawn at her website, http://www.shawndelljoyce.com and the Wallkill River School of Art at http://www.wallkillriverschool.com

Minjin Kung
Minjin Kung is an artist, mother and wife based in Hudson Valley, NY.  She received her BFA 83 in Graphic Design at Pratt Institute with additional studies at the Art Students League.  She was the owner/director of the Doda Art Center in Queens for more than 10 years.  Recently one of Minjin’s painting “Afternoon at Village of Monroe” was selected as an official town postcard of Village of Monroe, NY. You can learn more about Minjin and her work at http://www.Minjinkung.com. She is a founding member of the Monroe Arts Society, and designer of the Monroe Arts Society logo.

Mitchell Saler
Mitchell Saler is a fine art painter who lives in Middletown, New York.  He has an Associate Degree in Visual Arts from Orange County Community College in Middletown, New York  and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, summa cum laude, from the State University of New York at New Paltz.  He is a Board Member of the Goshen Art League and the Wallkill River School and Art Gallery. You can learn more about Mitchell at http://www.mitchellsaler.com. The Goshen Art League’s website is http://www.goshenartleague.com

Susan Roth
A resident of Monroe and founding member of the Monroe Arts Society, Susan has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Art History from the University of Oklahoma, and a Masters in Regional and City Planning. She has been using her organizational skills developed through non-profit management over the last 15 years to establish the Monroe Arts Society, after being inspired by the Wallkill River School in 2012 during her Leadership Orange Training. Her preferred medium is Oils for Plein Air, but she also uses acrylics and create drawing/mixed media art.

Sal Russo
A resident of Monroe, Sal’s preferred medium is pastels. He is a natural artist that has displayed in many exhibits in Orange County, including the Wallkill River School of Art where he has participated in Plein Air Workshops as a demonstrating Artist. Sal’s work can be found in many private collections. He is a founding member of Monroe Arts Society.

Mary Sealfon
A resident of Monroe, Mary Sealfon received a BA in painting from UC, Santa Barbara and a MA in printmaking from NYU, and is an instructor at SUNY Orange. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited nationally and internationally and won numerous awards. She is a resident of Monroe, NY and founding member of Monroe Arts Society. You can learn more about Mary at her website, https://msealfon.weebly.com/

Chrissy Spoor Pahucki

Chrissy Spoor–Pahucki was born in Goshen, NY. She loves the outdoors and spends many Sundays from May until October painting en plein air with The Wallkill River School. She also participates in plein air festivals in New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland and New Mexico. During the colder months she paints landscapes and nature studies from photographs in her studio. Using acrylics and occasionally watercolor paints, she captures the natural essence of her subjects. Chrissy is especially interested in the relationship between land and water and how water affects the colors, shapes and dynamics of landscapes. You can learn more about Chrissy at her website, www.http://www.cpahucki.com

Marylyn Vanderpool
A resident of Monroe, Marylyn can be often spotted in Monroe painting the beautiful scenery. She has won many awards for her work and her paintings are included in many private and corporate collections. Marylyn spends as much time as possible living her passion, painting in her studio, or “En Plein Air”.   You can learn more about Marylyn and her work at her website, http://www.marylynvanderpool.com. She is a founding member of the Monroe Arts Society.

Sales will be at the new pavilion at Crane Park, pictured above.  To participate in this event please contact Susan Roth at susanrothaicp@gmail.com.